Earlier builds of iOS were often compared to that of earlier Android builds where they seemed faster and more responsive. However Android has since managed to catch up but could the same be said for iOS? While iOS 8 is Apple’s latest operating system, it seems that it is actually slower than earlier builds of iOS.

Omni developer William Van Hecke has recently put together a video in which iOS 8 running on a new iPhone 6 is compared to an older iPhone with older hardware running on iOS 3. In iOS 8 as you will notice in the video above, it seems that it takes longer for the OS to recognize inputs versus iOS 3 when input is registered the moment the finger touches the screen.

It appears that this isn’t so much a hardware issue but rather an issue with the way iOS 8 has been designed, namely its animations where iOS 8 comes with fancier animations and transitions that appear to make the phone seem “slow”. For example with iOS 8, after unlocking the phone you’d probably have to wait a second before your swipes are registered.

This is versus iOS 3 where after the phone is unlocked your swipes are immediately registered and you can even start flicking through the pages before the unlock animation is complete. Van Hecke has since filed an issue with Apple’s bug reporter and we’re hoping that this is an issue Apple will look into ahead of their next major OS release.

In the meantime what do you guys make of this comparison? Are you in agreement that iOS 8 does seem to take a bit longer than you’d like to respond to your commands? Or is this something you’ve never really noticed?

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