vuzeIf you happen to be one who simply cannot get enough of downloading torrents by taking advantage of your extra fast Internet connection, then you will be pleased to know that there is still room for improvement in terms of download speed. I am referring to Vuze, who intends to assist users with the speeding up of torrent downloads by enlisting the help of the idea of “swarm merging”.

While just about every single torrent client on the Internet will work in a similar manner, Azureus Software intends to try something that is different through the popular Vuze app. The latest version of the Vuze app, which will see the number hit version 5.6, users have ended up with the option to merge a couple of swarms by sharing the same file so that the overall speed of a download will be boosted. Might this actually usher in the era of the unified swarm?

Vuze will offer support for RSS subscriptions, as well as other features such as Web control, torrent search, video playback, and device conversion/sync. This swarm merging feature might make it all worthwhile to check out Vuze, don’t you think so? By the way, which torrents do you download most – music, TV series, or movies?

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