dota grandpaThey say that playing video games excessively can be bad for your health, but as it turns out maybe not. According to a report from the Philippines, it seems that there is a new DotA 2 player in town in the form of a 66-year old grandpa who currently remains unnamed. This grandpa frequents a cyber cafe in the Philippines apparently at the orders of his doctor.

It seems that his doctor advised him to play video games as a way to relieve stress and also as a way to get in some mental exercise. It turns out that this grandpa really loves his video games, especially DotA 2 when it seems that he’s playing pretty much all day every day save for breaks in which he has his meals, and at night when it’s time to go home (at least he doesn’t sleep in the cafe which is what some youngsters do these days).

According to the grandpa when asked by Philippine’s eSports Organization’s Executive Director, as he grew older, he just ended up staying home all day where he felt his mind begin to deteriorate, but thanks to DotA 2, which was specifically advised by his doctor, he manages to keep alert thanks to the game’s quick pace and the need to keep your focus.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard doctors advise their patients to play games, but it’s interesting and nice to see that at least doctors are keeping up with the times. So the next time your parents nag you about playing video games, you can always claim it’s for mental exercise!

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