stromer st2Bicycles for the most part are mechanical devices, but these days we are starting to see the rise in electric bicycles that come with more modern features, like an electric motor to help move things along, LED screens, and built-in GPS, just to name a few. While some cyclists snub their noses at these modern features, cyclist Bill Kiriakis is probably loving it as the bike’s built-in GPS managed to lead to its recovery hours after it was stolen.

The story goes like this: Kiriakis had recently ordered the Stromer ST2 E-Bike for $7,000. He picked it up from the store, fixed it to his bike rack at the back of his car, and went to work. He returned a few hours later only to find his bike had been stolen, and all of this was done before he had time to setup the bike and its anti-theft system which locks the back wheel and flashes the lights so that the stolen bike can be more readily identified.

Kiriakis contacted the shop that he bought the bike from and its owners then tried to contact Stromer to see if they could pinpoint the bike’s location via GPS, which they did. The police were then alerted and dispatched to the area where they found a man holding the bike with its flashing lights and its locked rear wheel.

The man claimed to have bought it off someone else, although that remains to be seen if it is true, but despite being arrested, the man kept proclaiming that it was one of the coolest bikes he had ever ridden. According to Kiriakis who picked up his bike at the station, “The thing that I got out of it was that the tech really worked, which is cool.”

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