adsense-malayThe world is a global village, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can be sure that borders are disappearing every single day. The thing is, we mankind are still split along the lines of languages, although English can be considered to be the lingua franca of the Internet, there is still a huge number of people who have not mastered English, let alone speak the language, and if one were to be able to cater to niche markets, why not? It is all about keeping the customer happy, and Google knows this – which is why it has been announced that from today onward, AdSense will be able to support content in Malay (Bahasa Melayu), the national language of Malaysia, which also happens to be one of the fastest growing languages on the Web.


With the inclusion of the Malay language to the family of AdSense supported languages, Google hopes that more publishers will be spurred to create an even greater amount of quality web content in Malay, as well as to hook up to advertisers to a rapidly growing online audience.

Should you already own a Malay language website, there is every possibility of earning some income from it every month – simply ensure that your website is compliant with the AdSense program policies. After that, sign up for an AdSense account by enrolling your Malay website, and upon approval, just add the AdSense code – and you’re good to go! [Press Release]

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