Now that Apple has started shipping the Apple Watch we’ll start seeing all kinds of drop tests and torture tests on the device. The smartwatch is quite capable of surviving through most scenarios that you’re like to experience during normal use, but lets just expand the boundaries of “normal use” a bit. For example, what if your Apple Watch is soaked in a pot of water for ten minutes. Will it survive?


As it turns out, it most certainly will. That’s what we get to see in this new torture test of the Apple Watch which puts the device through several scenarios that you’re likely to experience in the kitchen.

What if the Apple Watch rubbed up against a grater multiple times? The sapphire display is actually quite capable of resisting scratches even if you take a knife to it.

The Apple Watch then gets doused with red wine, maple sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, nutella and it braves through all of that. Just rinse it off and its good to go.

Apple Watch then meets boiling water for a few minutes, it reboots, gives a high temperature warning but continues to function. It’s then dropped from the kitchen counter and stepped on repeatedly but it holds up nicely yet again.

This just goes to show just how robust Apple’s first smartwatch is, you certainly don’t have to baby it and be extra careful when it’s on your wrist.

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