XS_Metro-tile-5Umbrellas are probably one of the most commonly misplaced items simply because some of us just aren’t used to carrying one, which means that when you bring it out with you, it’s easy to forget that it’s there and you walk out of a restaurant completely forgetting about it. The good news is that if you’re after an umbrella you’ll never forget again, then the Blunt + Tile XS umbrella is one you might want to invest in.

Blunt is a company based in New Zealand that is supposedly famed for building strong and sturdy umbrellas. Tile, for those unfamiliar, is a Bluetooth device that allows users to track all sorts of items, like their keys, bags, computers, and more, and in this case, an umbrella. Both companies have worked together to create this umbrella which will feature a double-layer slot in which one can insert the Tile fob in.

Classic-tile-2_0From there and through its accompanying smartphone app, users will be able to track the location of their umbrella. Users will also be able to get it to start playing a little tune so that they will know how near or far they are from it, which will also be great in helping to identify umbrella thieves.

That being said if you were to leave the umbrella in a taxi or a train, chances of you recovering it might be a bit hard, but if you’re trying to find out where you might have misplaced it, then this should help. Although not the first of its kind, Blunt has two versions that they are selling- the XS_Metro + Tile which is priced at $69, or the Classic + Tile which is priced at $99.

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