twitter-msdosThere is just something about old school games, which might seem far too simple in this day and age, but they were certainly engrossing back in the day. We are glad to say that modern computing power has not killed off old games, but rather, it allows a renaissance of sorts. While there are emulators and the ilk that run old MS-DOS titles, here is a novel method – by enjoying such games on Twitter instead.


Yes sir, you read that right. Play MS-DOS games over Twitter, which is a micro blogging site. It does not really make much sense at first, but there is a method to the apparent madness. Right now, this feature is only limited to MS-DOS titles, where players will be able to embed the games in a tweet. Obviously Twitter is far from being the ideal platform when it comes to playing certain games that require complex button combinations, such as fighting titles, but point-and-click adventures ought to do just fine.

Of course, with the right titles that will work on Twitter well, there is still much work that needs to be done. One will be able to play with the feed, which will be distracting, no doubt about it.

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