erebor-legoPlaying with Lego bricks do bring out the imagination in one, and it will also help you exercise your mind rather than being passively fed through mass consumption media. In fact, the clever use of Lego bricks have seen the likes of a modular computing chassis that is set to be future-proof, but this particular effort will be less altruistic, since it would most probably deserve a place in a museum somewhere. This labor of love would see Lego builder Michal Kazmierczak come up with a huge diorama that rebuilds the entrance to Erebor using a whopping 55,000 plastic Lego bricks, now how about that?


The design of Erebor in the Hobbit trilogy, although dripping with CGI most of the time in order to deliver that kind of realistic look, is worth exploring. Thankfully, Michal Kazmierczak has taken up the task to come up with this miniature, where it is no doubt scaled down from the measurements of the film version. The entire shebang stands at 5 feet and 3 inches in height, which is a massive, massive achievement by itself.

The build itself would primarily be composed of the outer portions of the city, where you will find the pair of huge dwarf statues in addition to a detailed landscape. This is a project that took approximately seven months to complete.

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