You might recall a scene from the Iron Man 2 movie in which Tony Stark uses a laser beam projected from his glove to cut down the robots surrounding him and War Machine. It produced a very cool laser sound and even had the neat little effect of being ejected from his wrist after the laser cartridge was spent.

Well it looks like German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is a huge fan of Iron Man and has decided to recreate the glove. Previously, Priebe’s Iron Man efforts results in a laser gauntlet and a rocket-launching gauntlet, both of which were worn by the superhero, so this laser glove is his latest creation.

Now this doesn’t actually fire off lasers of the same intensity as Iron Man, but they can still be pretty damaging. The lasers fired include an 800-mW red burning laser and a 3,000-mW blue palm-mounted laser that is capable of burning pieces of wood, so we wouldn’t suggest you point this at anyone, especially their eyes.

It has a cool charging up sound effect and a ring of LED lights to indicate that it is “ready”, and when it’s all said and done, users will be able to press a button and an empty “shell” of the spent laser would be ejected, thanks to a spring-tension system. According to Priebe, the entire device took him about 3 weeks to complete. If you’d like to see it in action, check it out in the video above. Pretty awesome, huh?

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