IKEA is already keeping up with the times by creating furniture that comes with wireless charging technology built into it, and now it looks like the Swedish company is turning its sights to the kitchen where they are imagining what it would be like to cook in the future through the use of a variety of technology.

At the moment if you’re trying to follow a recipe, you’d either have a book in front of you or for the more tech savvy, a tablet with video instructions. However with IKEA’s imagining of the kitchen of the future, the tabletop itself is one giant piece of technology. The table will be able to detect the objects placed on it thanks to a camera-equipped projector, such as ingredients, and will be able to offer up different recipes that one might be able to cook up with their existing ingredients.

Hidden inside the table is also a induction cooktop so that users won’t need to run back and forth between their table and the stove in order to cook, which for some becomes a bit too frantic and might result in food being burnt. Other concepts dreamt up by IKEA also includes a pantry with an induction cooling system to help preserve food long, and a disposal system that will automatically sort and pack your recyclables.

Of course all of this is a concept at the moment and there’s really no telling if IKEA will introduce such furniture in their lineup in the future, but it looks good and the idea certainly carries a lot of merit, but what say you? Does this sound like your kitchen of the future?

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