Apple has started shipping its first smartwatch which means that many people will now film unboxing videos and tutorials to post on YouTube so that other people interested in the product can get to see it. Since it’s a completely new product some of the apps available for it are not that polished, which is why a man ended up purchasing the Xbox One by mistake while filming an Apple Watch demo.

The guy from CNET was filming an Apple Watch demo and he had the Amazon app open. Amazon’s “One Click Buy” feature has long been available on its website and apps so it’s not surprising to see it on the Apple Watch as well.

If you’ve got large fingers though you might want to be particularly careful in the Amazon app on the smartwatch, as he learned just how easy it is to tap that button and order a $350 console without having any intention to purchase it.

Obviously there was no harm done since it doesn’t take long to cancel an order on Amazon, but this does show a potential problem here. The Apple Watch’s display isn’t that big as a smartphone or a tablet so it’s much more easy to accidentally tap the One Click Buy button here.

Perhaps Amazon should look into a confirmation of some sort to ensure that users don’t end up accidently buying stuff every time they launch the Amazon app on the Apple Watch.

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