philips ledLED lightbulbs have been touted as a great way for consumers to save electricity and reduce their bills, but this is a long-term thing and the upfront costs for LED bulbs are a bit of a put off. However Philips has decided to help make things a bit more affordable by announcing a new LED lightbulb that will only cost $5.

Granted $5 is still a bit more expensive that regular lightbulbs, but as far as LED bulbs are concerned, this is actually not such a bad deal. As it stands most LED bulbs in the market are offered around the $10 range, with some going slightly below, but at $5 Philips is definitely going to edge out the competition.

Philips’ offering is expected to go on sale in May at Home Depot where it will be available in both 2700K and 5000K color temperature options. It will also feature a shatter-resistant design is expected to be good for 10 years, so a $5 investment for 10-years worth of illumination doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Also in celebration of Earth Day, Philips and Home Depot have announced that for the first 90-days of the bulb being made available, they will be offering customers a two-for-one promotion where basically you will get to buy 2 of Philips’ 60 Watt equivalent LED bulbs for the price of one, which once again doesn’t sound like too bad a deal.

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