animalcrossing-browserA video game will not amount to much if it does not have a good soundtrack to keep it company, even if it has the best graphics in the whole world. Having said that, those of you who have enjoyed Animal Crossing would have certainly nodded your heads in unison, approving Kazumi Totaka’s serene, beautiful background music that will alter depending on the time of day in which you play. Well, it looks like Animal Crossing Music can now be enjoyed on your Chrome web browser thanks to a fan-made extension.

When installed, the extension will see a tiny icon of K.K. Slider appear on the upper-right corner of Chrome. When you click on that particular button, it will start to play the corresponding song for time of day on loop, depending on the system clock, of course.

What makes this particular DIY web browser extension all the better is the fact that this extension will carry the soundtrack for all Animal Crossing titles that have been released to date, allowing you to pick the one which you happen to love the most. Leave it on default, and it will play random songs by K.K. Slider on Saturday nights, which certainly jives with this talented dog’s in-game concerts. You can pick up the Animal Crossing Music on the Google Chrome web store.

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