galaxy s6 designWith the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung made a huge departure from their use of glossy plastic and faux leather textures that was part of the company’s design philosophy for a long time. Instead the South Korean tech giant caved into the demands of their customers and released a phone made out of metal and glass, along with a brand new UI that seemed less cluttered than before.

For those who are wondering what the philosophy is behind Samsung’s new design and what’s guiding it, the company has recently published an entry on its website in which they detail what went on in the design process for the Galaxy S6. Written by Minhyouk Lee who is the VP and head of design at Samsung’s mobile communications business, the first thing that he said was that they went back to the drawing board with the Galaxy S6.

According to Lee, “We began at zero. It was about returning to the beginning. The prime point of focus was the product’s fundamentals.” Lee then goes on to detail some of the inspiration for the phone’s design, citing the flow of water as being one of them. “Like a metal bowl filled to the brim with water, the glass is beautifully wrapped in metal to symbolically represent a dynamic harmony of reliable technology and creative design.”

He then goes on to talk about the use of glass on the back of the phone, going as far as calling it mystical. “Through the reflection of light from different angles, diverse and enchanting colors are created to deliver a mystical feel.” That being said, the Galaxy S6 is proving to be a pretty hot seller which reportedly forced Samsung to raise their sales estimates from 50 million to that of 70 million for 2015 alone.

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