Smartwatches for the most part are water resistant to a certain degree, although it probably would not be recommended by the manufacturer if you were to take it with you for a swim. However if you are looking for a smartwatch that can withstand immersion underwater for when you are swimming, then the Swimmo smartwatch might be for you.


The Swimmo smartwatch is currently a Kickstarter project seeking funding. For the most part, the device will function as most smartwatches do and can measure your heart rate, calories, and because it was designed for swimmers in mind, it will also be able to measure the distance of your swim and your swimming pace/speed.

It even can act as a swim coach through features such as PaceKeeper and IntensityCoach. The former will ensure that you will keep to your current pace, and will vibrate when it detects that you have fallen below the pace range. The latter will keep you informed of your intensity levels and will help you keep, the swimmer, in the proper heart rate zone.

There will also be social features that will be part of the Swimmo app. If you have other swimmer friends who have the wearable, you will be able to compete with them and share your results on Facebook. You can challenge friends to beat your best times which according to its creators, will help keep users motivated. Swimmo is close to hitting its goal of $39,000 so if you’d like to pledge your support, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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