tidalIf there’s one thing that Tidal is promoting over its competition is that it offers lossless quality audio files to its listeners. However the question is, how many of us can actually tell the difference? Now Tidal has had a test on their website for a while now, but in conjunction with the service being relaunched after it was acquired by Jay-Z, they are offering users a free 30-day trial to the service if they manage to get all 5 tests in the quiz right.

Basically the test will play the user five different songs. Users will be able to switch between a 1,411kbps lossless quality song and that of a 320kbps AAC song, after which they will have to guess which song it is that sounds better. Personally it was mostly guess work on my part which was based on my understanding of what good quality audio is supposed to sound like. For others it could be purely guess work.

That being said once a user guesses all five songs correctly, they will be entitled to a 30-day free trial. However it seems that this is just for bragging purposes because one can already nab the 30-day trial just by signing up, but like we said this is just to boast to your friends that you have the ear of an audiophile. Once the trial is up, users will have to subscribe if they wish to keep listening to the music.

Tidal is charging listeners $9.99 a month for standard sound quality, but if you’re after something higher-end and lossless, that will set you back $19.99 a month. The company also promised that they would be doubling the royalty rate given to artists for users who subscribe to the $19.99 a month plan.

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