vaingloryWhen we think of competitive video games, we think of genres like fighting games such as Street Fighter, or racing games like Need for Speed, or RTS games such as StarCraft, or FPS shooters like Counter-Strike, and so on. These games are generally found on console or on the PC, but when it comes to mobile games, the eSports scene isn’t particularly big or eventful.


However according to Kristian Segerstrale, the COO of Super Evil Megacorp who developed the Vainglory, the MOBA title aimed at mobile devices, he believes that the mobile eSports scene could be bigger than the PC eSports scene in the future. Speaking to The Guardian, Segerstrale explained why he felt that way.

According to him, “But in three years’ time, there will still only be 600m or 700m home PCs capable of running the highest-spec PC games, yet there will be 2.5bn or 3bn devices capable of running Vainglory […] That’s why the touchscreen eSports opportunity will be maybe five times larger than the PC eSports opportunity today.”

While we suppose on paper that seems right, let’s not forget that there are plenty of titles on the PC and console that are dominating the eSports scene at the moment. For example just looking at the MOBA genre alone, there are titles such as League of Legends and DotA 2, and let’s not forget Blizzard plans on giving them a run for their money with Heroes of the Storm, so if Segerstrale plans to compete, we reckon it would be pretty tough.

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