apple watchWhen the Apple Watch first went up for pre-order, those who were a day or two late were shocked to find that their order would only begin shipping out in June which was a wait of more than a month. However according to reports from customers who faced such delays, it seems that their shipping estimates are starting to improve.

Some customers are reporting that Apple has updated their order and instead of listing June as the estimated shipping date, it now states that they can expect a mid-May to early-June shipment. Granted it’s not a huge leap in terms of improvements, but we reckon it’s better than nothing.

In fact there are some customers who are a tad more lucky and are seeing their estimates improve to May 14-May 20. There are some who are even luckier and have received April 28th as their shipping estimate, which is today. Of course these dates will depend on the model that customers have chosen. There are some who have extremely long wait times, and some which are faster perhaps due to lack of popularity.

This is consistent with earlier reports that Apple would be trying their best to try and ship out orders as soon as possible. There is no promise that your order would be lucky enough to receive a slightly earlier shipping time, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for it all the same.

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