The Starbucks app for mobile devices makes it very easy to order and pay for your coffee, particularly when you’re in a rush, so it’s no wonder that quite a lot of people have their credit cards linked with the app in order to quickly pay for their coffee. Those who do have their cards linked to the app might want to change the password on their accounts, and perhaps even keep an eye out for unusual charges on their credit card.

Starbucks has confirmed that some of its customers saw funds being charged to their credit cards linked with the app, without knowing anything about it.

Word about hackers stealing money from the Starbucks app has been going around for quite a while now but the company took its time to confirm what had actually happened.

It assures customers that despite the fact funds have been charged to cards without customers’ knowledge, the hackers have not exposed any personal data.

Starbucks also says that the hack doesn’t affect payments made through the Apple Watch. It hasn’t released a patch for this exploit used by the hackers as yet, and even went so far as to say that this was partly customers’ fault for choosing weak passwords for their accounts.

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