lol justiceNo matter what kind of game you play, there is always a chance that you will encounter a troll within the game that will make your life miserable. Sometimes you might run into abusive players too who will fly off the handle at the slightest mistake and start making threats. This is the unfortunate reality of the online world we live in.

However the folks at Riot Games are hoping to curb such behavior in League of Legends. Considering that the MOBA is making a lot of money for the developers, we’re sure the last thing they want is for gamers to quit due to a few bad apples in the game, so much so that they have started to test out a new justice system in which will dole out swift punishment to players with bad behavior in as fast as 15 minutes of the game ending.

According to Riot, “When negative behavior occurs, we know that the faster a player receives feedback, the better their chances of reforming. With that in mind, we’re building and iterating on a new instant feedback system that delivers actionable feedback and appropriate punishment to players that need it most.”

This feedback will be sent in by gamers of the opposing team, or even the teammates of the offending player in hopes that they will reform themselves. It will initially be reviewed by hand to test out the system before it starts becoming more automated. If testing goes well, Riot is also hoping to apply it to the rewards system as well where good players will receive rewards instantaneously.

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