Given that both Samsung and LG operate in similar industries, such as home electronics, white goods, displays, and mobile devices, it’s not surprising that they’re both considered to be rather bitter rivals, which is why we have to admit we are intrigued to find out which phone does better in an LG G4 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 speed test.

The test is conducted by PhoneBuff who has conducted similar speed tests in the past. In fact in one of the more recent speed tests conducted by PhoneBuff, it was found that the Galaxy S6 managed to beat out the iPhone 6 by as much as 8 seconds, so the question here is how will the LG G4 compare?

It should be pointed out that both phones use different chipsets. The LG G4 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 while Samsung has opted for their homegrown option of the Exynos 7240. Both phones will also feature 3GB of RAM. As expected and as we’ve seen from other speed test videos, the Galaxy S6 blazes through the speed test when it comes to opening up apps.

In fact it had a two app lead on the LG G4. However when it comes to reopening the app, that’s when the Galaxy S6 stutters. Unlike the LG G4 which keeps those apps open in the background, the Galaxy S6 had to reload them all over again. This resulted in the LG G4 clocking in at 1 minute 29 seconds, versus the Galaxy S6’s 1 minute 44 seconds.

Now we should point out that in no way are these phones slow. It’s just that the LG G4 appears to be more suited at handling multitasking, while the Galaxy S6 is a bit slow on that. However for some the extra couple of seconds might not really matter so at the end of the day, it’s what you are willing to live with.

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