Apple and Samsung are rivals, needless to say, so we’re sure everyone is wondering just how well does the iPhone 6 compare against the Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of speed? Sure there are plenty of benchmarks and tests that have been done, but if you’re looking for a more real world example, YouTube channel Android GameE has put together a video that shows off the speed of both phones.

Now the thing with such tests is that the tests aren’t exactly scientific per se as it does involve a user pressing buttons on the screen, and pressing it a few milliseconds off will end up contributing to a slightly different time, but like we said it’s more representative of real world usage so if you’re still on the fence regarding which phone to get, hopefully this video will help with that decision.

So far in the video it definitely looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 is leading the way in terms of opening apps while the iPhone 6 seems to be lagging behind noticeably, however it seems that when it comes to loading apps such as games, the iPhone 6 does not take too long and that’s where it starts to make up for lost time. Overall it does appear that the Galaxy S6 is faster by around 8 seconds, so perhaps that’s worth taking into consideration.

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