surface-3-1A couple of months ago, Microsoft launched the Surface 3 which is basically a smaller version of the Surface Pro 3 and runs on an Intel Atom processor, versus the Core i-processors that the Surface Pro 3 is powered by. In fact this is precise why Microsoft has also recently issued a warning on the Microsoft Community website telling Surface 3 owners to lay off Windows 10 for now.

When asked if Windows 10 could be installed on the Surface 3, Microsoft Community moderator Barb Bowman wrote, “Please do NOT try to install Windows 10 on the new Surface 3. There are no drivers for the Intel x5/x7 Atom processors. There are no drivers in the Preview Build because Intel has not yet provided drivers. There is no block/check for these processors in current builds. Timing of availability for drivers is unknown as Intel is still working on the needed drivers for the new chipset and processors.”

We suppose this to be expected as Windows 10 is currently in Preview mode and is still being developed by Microsoft. We expect that once the software is out of development, Intel should have the drivers ready and Windows 10 can be downloaded and installed on the Surface 3. However for now it seems that users should not attempt to do so lest you end up with a less than desirable experience. In the meantime Windows 10 is expected to be launched towards the end of July if previous reports are to be believed.

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