xbox one controllerYesterday we reported that it appeared that Microsoft had a new Xbox One controller in the works. For the most part the design of the controller would remain the same, but the biggest change is the fact that it would come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, thus allowing users to use just about any pair of headphones with it.

Recently it would seem that Austrian retailer Libro might have accidentally leaked the image of the controller. The image does not really tell us much about the new controller but like we said, the new controller’s design will remain more or less identical with the main change being the headphone jack, but it does show off one of the possible color themes that users can choose.

Interestingly enough Libro has also pegged the controller’s release for the 8th of June. This seems to contradict the earlier report in which Microsoft stated on its website that the controller would most likely see a release after June. We can only assume that this means that Microsoft will announce the accessory at E3 or at least make it available after E3, so we’re not sure how accurate the 8th of June listing is.

The updated controller might be good news for gamers who did not appreciate the proprietary headphone jack in the current controller. Granted Microsoft has released a headphone adapter that will support any headphone, but it also means gamers have to spend an extra $25 for it, but it looks like the new controller will do away with that need.

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