While we do know that Google will offer update guarantees for Nexus devices that run on Android M, here is a little bit of a teaser for you to consider – the image that you see above was teased by Google, where it apparently is a mockup of a smartphone that could very well be the next generation Nexus handset. Of course, do bear in mind that what you see here happens to be an illustration, and is far from the finished article, if there is one in the first place, that is.

Hence, it would always be more than advisable to take such images in with a pinch of salt – or maybe more, in order to maintain a certain level of skepticism. Apart from that, this could be a mere mockup that is used for showing off how future devices will ship with USB Type-C, which so happens to be a new kind of connector type that will pave the way for superior charging speeds – which ain’t too far away from what the buzz surrounding the Nexus 5 is all about, anyway.

As usual, as long as there is no official announcement from Google or eve LG, the suspected hardware manufacturer of the upcoming Nexus device, nothing is confirmed.

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