samsoniteWe have smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, so we guess having smart suitcases might not necessarily be a stretch of the imagination. Now there are plenty of suitcase makers out there not to mention a handful of Bluetooth tags available in the market that lets users track their suitcases, but we guess Samsung wants to show the world what they’re capable of.

The company has recently announced that they have teamed up with suitcase maker Samsonite and will be churning out a line of smart suitcases. Basically what makes it smart is that the suitcase itself will be embedded with a GPS chip that allows users to track their suitcases in the event it goes missing, or if they are simply curious about where it is.

While it does seem a tad gimmicky, Ramesh Tainwala who is the CEO of Samsonite said that they are working with Samsung to create features and turn these smart suitcases into more than just a gimmick. For example one of the planned features is to have the suitcase message its owner the moment you stray too far from it, or if it has been opened meaning that users will know if their bags have been tampered with.

Another feature, which might appeal to the lazy traveller, is for the suitcase to be self-propelling, meaning that you will be able to have it travel a few inches behind you so that you don’t have to wheel it around yourself. Pretty cool, huh? So, how does the idea of a Samsung suitcase sound to you guys?

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