apple tv remoteIt has been rumored that a new Apple TV could be in the works and recent shipment slipping times seem to indicate that a launch is nearing. While we can’t confirm with certainty about what kind of features that new Apple TV will bring to the table, a report from The New York Times has revealed that at the very least, Apple will be introducing a new design for its remote control.

The Apple TV remote control is pretty minimal in its design, and it seems that the minimalism will continue, or further expounded on if the report is any accurate. For starters Apple will be introducing a touchpad to the remote, thus allowing users a more smoother way of navigating the set-top box.

Prior to this, the remote had a four-way navigational button that did this function so it is possible that Apple might remove those buttons in favor of a touchpad. The report claims that there will at least be two buttons on the remote, one of which will presumably be the Menu button and the other for play/pause as per usual. That being said it possible that the inclusion of the touchpad technology has made the device thicker, which is what the report suggests and claims that its size will be comparable to that of the remote for Amazon’s Echo wireless speaker.

In any case it’s best taken with a grain of salt for now, but Apple’s WWDC 2015 will be kicking off on the 8th of June which is when more information is expected to be made available, so do check back with us then for the details.

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