appletv-hbo-go-watchespnIf the rumors are to be believed, Apple is said to be working on a new web TV subscription service that could be unveiled at WWDC 2015 which is taking place next week. However according to a recent report from Re/code, it turns out that maybe we won’t be hearing about the rumored service as it has been delayed.

According to their sources, it seems that Apple has yet to finalize the licensing deals which is why the announcement of the service has been delayed. In fact it seems that there is a chance it could even be delayed until 2016, or at the earliest we could be hearing about it later this year at one of Apple’s product launches.

Re/code claims that technology and money are an issue which is holding back its launch. The Cupertino company originally aimed for a fall 2015 release to coincide with the launch of new TV seasons, but agreements regarding money and the use of new technology have caused it to be delayed.

A report from a couple of weeks ago even suggested that Apple wants to include local TV in their service as a means of differentiating themselves from the competition, and apparently this feature is said to be causing a delay too. In any case we suppose we will find out next week whether or not Apple has a new TV service in the works, so check back with us then for the details.

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