controller-top-downSo we all know by now what the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset looks like. We also know that the device is due for a release in Q1 2016, but what about its input controller? Little to nothing has been said about the device, with the company claiming that the device was important and that they wanted to wait until they had a good solution rather than hastily rushing one into the market.

That being said it seems that the company might have let on a bit more than they expected when they launched a revamped version of their website. One of the photos added to the website can be seen in the photo above, and as you can see to the right there is a small device which turns out to be the input controller for the wearable.

However it seems that this is merely a concept. Taking to Reddit to address the speculation, Oculus VR’s founder Palmer Luckey was quoted as saying, “This is an old placeholder concept image that we accidentally leaked. Everything in it is ancient, certainly nowhere close to final (as evidenced by the GPU specs and the game named “war”) Enjoy checking it out, at this point, but don’t expect everything to carry through to the stream on the 11th.”

It certainly looks like a sleek device although how this will work with the headset remains to be seen. However like Luckey says, it is merely a concept. At the same time we suppose it does clue us in to what Oculus might be thinking about when designing the controller, but until then we guess this will have to do.

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