cst-01-closureSome Kickstarter projects happen to break new records and chart higher heights, but for every success story, this does not mean that there are no failures out there. Certain projects look as though they are money in the bank already, but reality dictates otherwise – pretty much similar to how certain movies take off in a phenomenal manner without that much expectation, while other movies that have plenty of potential flop. Central Standard Timing regrets to inform backers of its Kickstarter project, the CST-01 watch, that the project has been canceled.

This is due to a host of production problems. The project is close to running out of cash, and Flextronics, its chosen manufacturer, was deemed to be a mismatch for the tiny startup that had the grand idea of an exotic E Ink wearable device. Apart from that, the overall cost had also proved to be a tough nut to crack, since it ended up twice as expensive to build as originally estimated. Most folks would have pledged $129 in order to pick up the CST-01, but low part yields translates to an actual price point of $260. Ouch!

Chances are you would not pick up a timepiece from CST as a supporter down the road, and that would mean approximately 8,000 people who believed in the project. CST is mulling over the sale of its assets, as well as the possible publication of its design documents in the entirety so that those who still have the means and interest can come up with their own timepiece. This just goes to show that not all ideas are guaranteed and foolproof, with an element of risk attached to it.

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