dropboxIf you travel frequently and use multiple computers and don’t like bringing around flash drives or external hard drives, then cloud storage is probably the best way to go and when it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is probably a company that comes to mind. Last year the company boasted that they had 300 million active users, and those numbers have grown since then.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Dropbox’s CEO and co-founder Drew Houston revealed that the company had achieved a new milestone in terms of number of registered users and have managed to hit the 400 million mark which is pretty impressive. However Houston did not share how many of them were active users but at the same time we suppose that investors in the company can rest assured that they are growing at least.

Houston also revealed that interestingly enough, the majority of Dropbox’s users are not from the US. He claims that more than two-thirds of their users are from other parts of the world and it seems that this has largely been that case ever since Dropbox was first launched. He also adds that a good many of these users rely on Dropbox’s free storage.

As for the enterprise market, Houston claims that the number of companies using their service has grown from 4 million, which was a year and a half ago, up to 8 million, while boasting that a good many Fortune 500 companies are using their services in “some capacity”.

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