nanoformI would suppose that if there was one particular thing which we all fear where our data is concerned, it would be this – the permanent and irrevocable loss of it. This is why it is so important to have backups, and one would not be deemed to be paranoid if one were to have a backup of a backup, right? Here is a Kickstarter project known as Fahrenheit 2451 which claims to be able to preserve your data for eternity – and having launched a couple of days ago, it is still more than three quarters off its €43,000 goal.

CDs, USB flash drives, hard drives, and film – all of these have life spans, and they will not last forever, no matter how much care you give them, since they will eventually end up corrupted, demagnetized or rendered obsolete. Where the clou is concerned, there are security issues to grapple with, but the Fahrenheit 251 claims to solve all of such issues with a small laser-engraved disk of sapphire that touts to store your data forever, regardless of the passage of time and elements. Known as the Nanoform, dangers such as water, acid, light, cold, and even lava heat will not be able to harm the information within. Sounds like a pretty good investment for those who would want to preserve their images forever!

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