There are some games on your mobile device that play better if it had physical controls. Racing games and arcade fighters are some of them. While there are plenty of accessories and add-ons out there, they can be a bit inconvenient as it usually means that they aren’t particularly portable, so you’d need to bring a bag with you if you want to have your controllers on-hand.

This is where Flitchio comes in. Flitchio is a smartphone case that can double up as a gaming controller, and best of all it seems that all the necessary hardware buttons have been baked into the case already so gamers won’t need to remove it in order to use it. However if there is one catch it is that the directional pads are placed on the back of the case.

This will take gamers some getting used to, but perhaps you might find it better in the long run. Not just limited to gaming, Flitchio imagines the controller being used for other activities too, such as controlling drones. Some drones rely on an app to be controlled but if you’d much prefer precise physical controls then this should do the trick.

The buttons placed around the case can help with selfies, control your music or movies, use it as an unlock pattern, browse the web, zoom into webpages, or even use it as a remote for your smart TV. It’s an intriguing device and if you’d like to help make it a reality, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details. Alternately you can also check out the list of games supported by Flitchio on its website.

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