swarm-wpI would say that the social networking world was surprised last year when it learnt that Foursquare would be breaking up into a couple of separate apps – with Swarm being the other one. Having said that, it looks like something good and classic is about to be implemented yet again – apparently, mayorships are set to make a return to swarm. I guess Foursquare took 11 months to realize that checking out of the check-in arena was not too brilliant an idea after all.

Swarm fans, here is news that will bring a smile to your face. Basically, you are now able to compete to be Mayor of a location on Swarm, and this does not mean duking it out with just your mates, but basically, it is you against the whole world. Yes sir, you would be up against all users, which means if you are the mayor of a particular place, it is a far bigger deal than being one among your friends. Do expect the app to be updated on both iOS and Android platforms.

Many claimed that Swarm was a party pooper when it was first released, since the likes of leaderboards, badges or mayorships were taken out of the equation – basically the entire gaming angle of Foursquare that took over five years to develop was gone in the blink of an eye. [Press Release]

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