gamestop-xbox-one-promotionAs developers start focusing on developing only for current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this means that less love is being shown to older consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360. Now if you have either one of these consoles lying around at home and you are planning to get a new one, you’re in luck.

GameStop has recently announced that until the 28th of June, they will be giving gamers $150 in-store credit if they were to bring in their old PS3 or Xbox 360 units and trade it in for a newer PS4 or Xbox One console. They also announced that gamers who buy a new PS4 console will get a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight (which thankfully is not as issue-prone as the PC version).

As for gamers who purchase the Xbox One, they will be able to choose any new Xbox One title themselves. It should be noted that GameStop is only offering this credit to gamers who trade in their PS3s which has the 120GB drive or higher, and the Xbox 360 with 250GB drive or higher. This sounds like a pretty good deal given that there were a ton of new games announced for both consoles during E3 2015 last week.

So if you were still sitting on the fence trying to decide which console to get, you’ve got yourself until the 28th of June (this Sunday) to capitalize on GameStop’s offer.

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