soundhound youtubeEver hear that song on radio or in a cafe that you love, but don’t know the name? Thankfully if you have a smartphone, there are apps like SoundHound that lets you figure it out. For those unfamiliar, it basically uses your smartphone’s microphone to listen to what’s being played, and then tries to match it with a database to give you your results.

For iOS users, you will be pleased to learn that SoundHound has recently been updated with 3D Touch support. With 3D Touch, users just need to press hard on the SoundHound icon on the home screen and they will gain access to various shortcuts, like music search, your SoundHound history, top charts, to launch the player.

The iOS version has also been updated with YouTube playback support, meaning that after identifying the song, you have the option of launching the full version of the song in YouTube (if available) as you can see in the screenshot to the right. This will make it a bit more efficient and it will come in handy in case you forget about it when you get home.

The updated app is available in the iTunes App Store so head on over for the download if you haven’t updated already. In the meantime it does not seem like YouTube playback support has been added to the Android version of the app, but presumably it will arrive later.

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