Late last year Microsoft surprised us all when they announced the Microsoft Band, a simplistic fitness tracker that came with a heart rate sensor. Its $199 price tag made it a relatively affordable purchase which resulted in it being extremely popular to the point where it was unavailable for a brief period of time due to a lack of stock.

That being said if you’re the owner of a Microsoft Band, you will be happy to learn that Microsoft has teamed up with TaylorMade, a company that specializes in golfing equipment, and have updated the wearable and Microsoft Health app that will take advantage of your Microsoft Band to help improve your golf game, so if you’re a golf enthusiast this should be of interest to you.

How it works is pretty simple – before you start your round of golf, all you’ll need to do is enter the course you are playing in on the Microsoft Health app on your smartphone. After that according to Microsoft, “As you step onto the tee box, our on-board GPS sensor will automatically detect the hole you are on and display your score for the hole you just completed.”

The Microsoft Band will also be able to keep track of your score so that you won’t have to bother with pieces of paper. Also thanks to the fitness properties of the Microsoft Band, users can also track their heart rate, calories burnt, and their steps taken. In fact the Band will also be smart enough to detect when you’re making a practice shot versus the actual one.

The update is free for owners of the Microsoft Band and users of the Microsoft Health app, so if you want to take the Band for a spin the next time you’re playing, golf, then this is an update you’ll want to check out.

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