htc-one-review-m8-labshot-04Is there a huge difference between the HTC One M9 and its predecessor, the HTC One M8? Unfortunately not much. There is an upgraded processor, a change in the camera, but other than that the design of the phone is largely similar and its display and resolution have remained untouched as well.

This begs the question as to what would make an upgrade so compelling, especially since you could technically get the HTC One M8 for less with the One M9 already in the market. This is apparently a sentiment many consumers feel because according to a report from DigiTimes, they cite a report from the China Business Journal that claims that shipments on the HTC One M9 are lower than that of its predecessor.

To be more specific, HTC had reportedly only managed to ship 4.75 million units of the HTC One M9 in the first 3 months since its launch. This represents a 43.75% decrease in shipments compared to the HTC One M8 during its first 3 months last year. However we should point out that shipments does not equate to sales, but given the lower shipments it does seem to reflect the demand for the handset.

In fact this isn’t the first time that we have heard that the HTC One M9 is doing badly, so much so that a carrier in Canada has apparently discontinued the device barely half a year into its existence. In the meantime HTC has promised that come 2016, the company will push out a completely redesigned flagship, but hopefully it won’t be too little too late by then.

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