Don’t you hate it when you’re on the road and you’re driving behind a truck that is obstructing your view of the road ahead? It’s hard to overtake these vehicles too because you don’t know if there are cars on the other side of the road until you actually start to come out of the lane. However Samsung might have come up with a rather ingenious solution.


The company is currently testing a new concept called the Safety Truck. The truck itself is pretty standard except for the fact that the truck will come equipped with wireless cameras on the front and will also have four screens on the back of the truck. The cameras will be used to capture footage from in front of the truck, while the screens on the back will display said footage.

The idea is that the cars driving behind the truck will be able to see what’s in front of them, thus letting them decide if the time is right to cut out in front of the truck. It will also help prevent sudden braking or swerving as the cameras should provide drivers with enough information to make a decision ahead of time, so if you see a pothole coming up you will now have more time to avoid it.

That being said the truck is merely a prototype at the moment. Samsung has not built the truck themselves but have rather partnered with a company for testing purposes. It is unclear if the technology will be adopted as we reckon it could prove costly to maintain, but it’s a good idea, don’t you think?

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