Emoji Passcode

Ever thought that how it would be like to log in to your bank account by simply entering your favorite emojis instead of a four digit security PIN? Well, what if we tell you that it is soon going to become a reality. A UK based security software firm, Intelligent Environments, could soon enable us to do that.

The company claims that it has come up with a new security system that would allow users to enter symbols, or emoji, rather than a simple numeric PIN code. This new system could actually prove to be a fun way login into your bank account. Not just that, as the data projects, this new system has been proved to be much more secure in comparison to a numeric PIN.

The PIN system is made up of four non-repetitive digits, which allows up to 7,290 standalone permutations. Interestingly, Emoji passcode developed by the Intelligent Environment could make up to 3,498,308 vivid permutations. All this means that that ‘heart-shaped eyes emoticon’ or a ‘Hi 5 emoticon’ could prove to be 480 times more safe and secure than a numeric PIN code.

In accordance with Intelligent Environment, the software is functional and can be put to use. Although the company has not found any worthy partners until now, but it is in discussion with banks. In the future we could see this technology being employed by banks and thus giving a new way to enter password.

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