parenting-emojiIt looks like there are emojis for many different things such as burritos and aspects of life, but apparently, parenting has been given the gloss over – until now, that is. Parents will definitely be able to identify with the slew of new emojis that have been released, targeting the various aspects of parenting that range from bawling babies to diapers, as well as cute laughing babies, a breast pump get this – poop in not one, but half a dozen colors! Talk about expressive!

Thanks to the folks over at Luvs, they have introduced a custom emoji keyboard app that is known as Momoji. Momoji will be available for iOS as well as Android platforms, where you can get them from their respective app stores, and the Momoji keyboard will boast the likes of a pacifier, a pregnancy test, bottle, baggie of Cheerios, nursing bra, breast pump, stroller, and baby food emoji.

Some of the baby faces that are accompanied by expressions include angry, sad, sassy, happy, sleepy, crying, and laughing. All-time parental favorites in the vein of coffee, self-pity ice cream, and a corkscrew – to open that bottle of wine, of course! After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, so let these new emojis do the job for you.

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