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Skype translator is working towards adding more languages support to its platter and this time the real-time translator app has added support for two languages – French and German.

With the addition of these two languages, the total count of languages supported by Skype translator goes up to six. These six languages are, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Mandarin. This constitutes around 30 percent of the total world’s spoken languages. The translator functions by employing the advance version of Skype Windows 8 application. It translates spoken words into audio or text.

Microsoft introduced the translator in December last year, and at that time the app had some technical issues, but now with time it works well enough to make sense out of a conversation happening between two different language speakers. The app was initially introduced to just solve the translation dilemmas between two speakers, but now Microsoft is turning the focus towards deaf and partially deaf users as well.

Ted Hart, who is a researcher at Microsoft has made it possible to overhaul Skype translator to enable deaf people to experience Skype chats. With the addition of German and French, Microsoft’s Skype translator now has a wider audience to cater. As of now, the Skype translator app is only available for Windows users (Windows 8 or Windows 10). They can download the app from the Windows Store.

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