Microsoft has already shown us that real-time translation works in Skype, and now the company is ready to roll out this technology more broadly. Currently the Skype Translator software supports Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and English and allows users to translate speech in real-time on instant message or video call. Microsoft has announced today that it’s going to bake the Skype Translator features right into Skype for Windows, thus giving a significantly large number of users access to this technology.

Previously the company would only provide the Skype Translator preview software to those who had an invite, last month Microsoft removed this requirement, and it says that since then there has been a “300% increase in Skype Translator usage.”

As of now the Skype Translator preview application features support for four spoken languages and 50 written instant messaging languages. The company promises that it will continue to expand the repertoire of languages as they continue to meet its quality standards.

Microsoft says that it will roll out the updated Skype for Windows with Skype Translator technology baked right in by the end of summer 2015, the release timeframe is in line with that of Windows 10, which the company is going to release on July 29th.

It would only make sense for the company to release this updated application after the new software has been released, and that’s precisely what it appears to be doing.

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