For all those who are still struggling with their old not-so-smart air conditioners, Tado has come up with a revolutionary product that will turn your old school AC into a smart device. The new product from Tado is known as Smart AC Control.

It all started with a Kickstarter campaign started by Tado, the company received enough funding for its initiative and now it is all set to start its sale. So, this new device is paired with your old AC and turns into a smart unit. It connects via infrared to your AC’s remote, and enables users to control air conditioner settings from anywhere via Smart AC Control.

To give you a better idea of what it does, one of the future of the device is that it can set the room temperature as per user’s location. Another example, users can set it in a way that it will switch off the AC as soon as the user leaves home (you won’t be charged guilty for leaving your room’s AC on). Another really helpful feature is that the device can turn on the AC or pre-cool the room when you’re on your way back home.

Also, the device features a variety of sensors for humidity, temperature, light, motion and noise. Although these sensors are not active as of now, but they have been added keeping the future in mind, so that the company can add extra features when the time demands it.

Taco Smart AC Control has been priced at $199 and can be bought via Tado’s website.

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