samsung-tizen-mwcA smartphone’s ecosystem is what makes it successful, or at least one of the factors that contributes to its success. For example iOS and Android have more than a million apps for their users to choose from, and while you probably won’t need that many, at least you know you have choices.

That being said, sometimes having key apps will help in adoption as well. Now Samsung’s Tizen platform is relatively new but it has a key app in the form of WhatsApp, and now if the reports are accurate, it looks like it could soon be getting other key apps as well in native form, meaning that these won’t be straight up Android ports.

It has recently been spotted that there has been some internal testing of three apps that could arrive on Tizen. These apps include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Interestingly enough all these apps, including WhatsApp, falls under Facebook’s banner so we have to wonder if this is a coincidence or if Facebook had planned for this all along.

The fact that the social network is dedicating its resources towards creating something for the Tizen platform is also a good way for the company to spread its services, especially in emerging markets where Samsung’s Tizen smartphones are sold in. No word on when it will be released, but in the meantime we have heard that Samsung’s new Tizen smartphone could be due later this year.

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