A couple of months back Valve showed off its new virtual reality headset that it has developed in collaboration with HTC. The company may bring this device to the public at some point in time but initially it’s only going to ship units to developers. Valve has confirmed that it has started shipping Vive VR headsets to select developers, this move comes weeks after the company started accepting applications from developers for the free developer kit program.


In a post on its official blog, Valve says that it has started shipping the developer kits to select developers which from from movie studios and triple-A developers, as well as small indie teams that are working on their first title.

Valve has not forgotten about other developers who are waiting to receive their units but the company says that they will have to wait for a bit longer, those developers will receive their units over the summer.

Developers who receive the kits right now will get the Vive VR headset built by HTC as well as two Lighthouse base stations which can track the user’s location inside the room. Valve’s new controllers will also be included in the package.

Getting the developer kits out early is going to enable developers to get accustomed to this new VR platform and design enough apps and experiences for it that when this product is commercially released it’s not pressed for content.

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