chevronAs it stands, Apple Pay can be used at select retailers to pay for purchases, and if you like the idea of mobile payments, you might be interested to learn that soon you could start paying for gas using Apple Pay as well. This has been recently confirmed by Chevron (via Cult of Mac) in a tweet to a customer’s question.


The company revealed that they are currently doing a pilot test run of adopting Apple Pay at some of their gas stations. However it seems that the pilot test is a bit limited. The company claims that at the moment only two Northern California Chevron locations are trialing out the service – Cupertino and San Ramon – so unless you live near those areas, you’d be out of luck.

Presumably if everyone goes well, Chevron will eventually bring the service to the rest of their stations around the country, but unfortunately we have no idea if and when that will take place. Chevron actually announced their support for Apple pay back in December 2014, but we guess it is only now that they are starting to roll out the service, albeit as a test.

We can only assume that due to the similar technology used in Apple Pay that eventually Chevron could potentially roll out support to other NFC-based payments as well, such as Android Pay which was confirmed earlier this year by Google.

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