evenfloDepending on where you live, it can get rather hot in the summer – and with that, you would also go up head to head with the dangers of heatstroke. Parents too, might also make the potentially fatal mistake of forgetting their babies in the back seat, and hence, this is where Walmart brings in the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with SensorSafe.

Retailing for less than $150 a pop, this unique child car seat will make use of a wireless receiver in order to send out sounds that begins the moment the car is parked, and these sounds will stop only when the child is unbuckled out of the car seat. Apart from that, additional safety measures include making some noise in the event where the seat belt ends up unbuckled mid-transit.

Of course, this is not 100% foolproof either, especially when there are parents who have the habit of listening to music with a pair of earphones, and hence they might even not hear the alert sounds from the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat. Still, it is better than nothing at all, and any device that can help prevent the heartbreaking tragedy of a child dying of heat stroke from being left in a vehicle is always a plus point in our books.

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