Hey, when you are at a loss, you would want to trust experts to be able to help you out, right? It seems that one who is suffering from a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be able to reduce the severity of it through the playing of Tetris, of all things. Apparently, the experts claim that doing so might be able to help block out bad memories.


Chances are no one who decides to spend their time heisting in Grand Theft Auto or the latest Call of Duty will remember spending hours of their time playing Tetris, as that puzzle title from Russia proved to be quite the hit back in the 1980s. Still, it is nice to see an old classic like that be able to do its bit to do away with bad memories, now how about that?

Researchers from the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit realized that there were patients who played Tetris, and this helped with their PTSD condition, having experienced a lesser number of flashbacks from a traumatic event. Basically, this visual game will function as a blockage against bad memories. Well, this game might seem impossible to beat, but if it can help reduce PTSD, why not give it a shot?

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